Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, October 28, 2014

Statehouse Jan 15 13

Pretty sunrise today. I read the Patinkin puff piece on Vincent Cianci. Fascinating. Nowhere does he admit he did wrong, nowhere does he admit he hurt people as well as our city. It’s all a saga of Buddy’s triumph over adversity.

I often think of Rosemary Glancy, counting her last days in a Texas prison, begging for compassionate release. She followed Cianci’s ‘Leadership!’ but he was nowhere to be found when she took the fall for the corrupt City Hall he led. He didn’t even go to her funeral- had ‘business in Washington’.

People get hurt all around him, but it’s never his fault. I really think part of Cianci’s brilliance as a politician is that he totally believes in himself. It’s always about him and he’s always right. No more faith-based politics. The reality is ugly and waiting for another free ride at our expense.

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