Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, November 9, 2014

6 of cups

Today’s Tarot is the VI of Cups. A good card for a new start, on a sunny Saturday no less.

We have a new mayor-elect and governor-elect, and we’ll have to watch them like hawks and lean on them constantly, but we dodged the cannonball for mayor and I believe we can work with Gina Raimundo.

I regard politicians as I do cats. Cats can be absolutely adorable. Also, every one of them might drop a mangled dead rat on your bed and expect you to be delighted. They can purr and charm you, and sometimes attack you with claws and fangs. It’s cat nature.

Politicians are compromised by definition. It’s actually what they are supposed to be. The office attracts egomaniacs and praise junkies. Under the right circumstances these qualities can be a plus.

But this business as usual is not the same as corruption. Corruption destroys trust and drains away money that should be trusted to the public good. It enriches criminals and shuts out honest people.

Vincent Cianci harmed our city with his run for mayor. One by convincing so many people that corruption was inevitable and they should just lie back and enjoy it- as long as they got a cut. Two by sowing divisiveness. I never saw such hostility on my Facebook as the Cianci people, or heard such blind faith in their guy and hatred for the opposition as the young canvassers at the polling place. Their first lesson in politics is that it’s all about slinging mud and grabbing advantage.

Cianci made out good- great publicity for his radio show.

Jorge Elorza came into a race against a candidate who had that free advertising statewide for years, and deep experience in manipulating Providence politics. It’s a huge accomplishment that he won. Now my plan is to congratulate him and stay on him to keep his promise of One Providence.

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