Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, November 9, 2014

advertising art smoking

Don’t need no stinkin’ nanny state. Today’s Tarot is a random page from an advertising manual, some time before WWI. The delights of smoking in bed, or half-asleep on the couch are still indulged, but Big Tobacco doesn’t push that in writing. I can put faces on people I’ve known in community nursing who set themselves on fire that way, so I’ll keep scolding. Especially since so many are on oxygen, threatening to reproduce the Apollo 1 mission tragedy.

Thinking about our national conversation. I spend a lot of time on the net getting my views reinforced, which is fun but not really enlightening. The science fiction writer, CJ Cherryh, wrote a story about people who lived all their lives on a huge spaceship, and got their information from ‘News & Entertainment’. I’ve often wondered where news starts and entertainment, marketing, pacifying, ends. I like this retro ad selling a way to set yourself on fire before cancer gets you. I never see ads on TV for broccoli. I think I better go to church now and see real people.

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