Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, January 1, 2015

the tower

Tarot predictions for 2015- a year of reversals. The high shall be made low and the low raised up. Surprising changes of direction from those who seemed most set in their ways.

Painful confrontations with truths we would like to cover, unhealed wounds scraped clean before the soothing balm can be applied. Truth is the necessary beginning of reconciliation.

Per schedule, at least one unexpected strike from Earth, who seems to bear our abuse with mute acceptance. She is not asleep, just waiting.

Per schedule, at least one stranger reaches us with news that makes us look beyond our shores and our self-centeredness.

A mass gun Armageddon will Rapture away some unfortunate believers unless the cult is stopped in time. Another religious leader will be exposed as a money-grabbing fraud.

People who understand the rules will break them in positive ways.

A great leap forward in energy independence.

Weird weather, but then this is every year in Rhode Island.

Happy New Year, Blessings to all, Blessed Be. And be kind to cats.

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