Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, March 25, 2015


For what promises to be a warmer day, with the fierce North wind retreating and the South wind moving in, a poem from Greenhaven.

Invocation to the Sun in Glory
by Elizabeth Barrette

Sun Prince come,
Lord of the Waxing Year,
God of the Golden Ray!

Now we lay the sacred feast,
Now we sing the hymns of old,
Now we dance the ancient ways.

Apollo, Tammuz, Belos, Lugh –
Turn Your fair face towards us
And crown us with flowers.
Strike the harp
And play a merry tune.
Shower Your blessings on field and flock

And on all Your followers here.

He is come!
Behold the Sun in Glory!

Brighter days come first, eventually warmth returns. It’s been a long Winter, welcome Spring.

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