Conversation about Election

My friend likes Bernie.

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2 Responses to Conversation about Election

  1. This is interesting; a comment string with only a title and not an article. My compliments to you “Ninjanurse” for this innovation. You are giving We The People the opportunity to rise and say their hearts and minds…in response to a minimum of idea, expressed in the title. This could be interesting.

  2. I like Bernie too. But I would like to respond to the title: “Conversation About Election”.

    First of all, We should be “conversing”. How else are We going to find Our Collective Strengths for “Better” Governance? It may take some facilitation, to smooth “ruffled feathers” and keep the momentum going for this path of More and Better, but We NEED more “real” conversation to help Us develop necessary skills in Co-Operation among Ourselves (We The People).

    I believe that to be able to Wisely and Intelligently (as much as increasingly possible – which is about as much as We can ask of Ourselves), elect Our “Statesperson Volunteer Advisors” is what We Earn with Our Efforts to become collectively a “Stronger People”.

    Of course, I am talking in terms of “Direct Democracy” here. A True Government Of The People, For The People and BY The People. American Patriotism of Direct Democracy style.

    Something else about “Conversation”: There are wonderful techniques dedicated to this art (for meaningful and productive conversation) being designed and developed. Google “Tom Atlee”, or the “Co-Intelligence Institute”, to see what i am talking about.

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