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Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, March 10, 2015

Playing with my tablet last night and downloaded the Amazon app. I might delete it, it’s just a shopping catalog and what I have on my Kindle is better for shopping for books. I pulled up ‘daily deal books’ and … Continue reading

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This is My Body, This is My Blood

One thing about eight years of Catholic school in the 60’s- it was religion in interesting times. Women may remember a scramble to hide our uncovered heads from God, who did not want to look down from Heaven and see … Continue reading

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I’m Gonna Get Rich!

I love my girl’s romance comics collection from the 40’s to the 70’s for the art, the narrative, and what the ads in the back reveal about the dreams and desires of young women decades ago. Before my antique cheap … Continue reading

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A Manual For Young Man Hunters

Well, girls, I’m out of ideas and down to my vintage comix collection. Here’s some improving thoughts for today.

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Love Can be Yours Again

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Hey Girls, The Female Viagra is Here!

The scary thing is that almost the exact same pitch was used in the 1990’s to sell hormone replacement therapy to treat the ‘disease’ of menopause, with disastrous results. After millions of women used synthetic estrogen and progestin in pursuit … Continue reading

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