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Crazy for the Gun

Although I am not a psych nurse, being more comfortable with diabetes than delusions, all nurses see mental illness up close and personal. Mental illness is neither uncommon nor separate from physical illness. People with conditions like schizophrenia are not … Continue reading

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Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, January 22, 2015

Try this thought exercise. How many TV shows about doctors can you recall? I can remember all the way back to Dr.Kildare. How many shows about nurses aides- without whose labor the US health care system would collapse? Unsung for … Continue reading

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Problems in Morality- A Novel Solution to The Heinz Dilemma and Other Stuff

Nurses are required to get continuing education. This month’s class was Ethics. I sat around a table with co-workers debating moral challenges – little white lies, getting extra change at the supermarket, etc. I kept my head down, suppressing an … Continue reading

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Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, December 22, 2014

Some years ago a saint lived in Providence, Mahaghosananda, who comforted his people in the refugee camps of Thailand, and in the Cambodian Diaspora in South Providence. His message was lovingkindness. I don’t know what he would say to the … Continue reading

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Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, October 8, 2014

Life is not all rainbows and unicorns, and neither is Tarot. The IX of Swords illustrates all that wakes us up at 3am. The fears may be founded and imminent, or just ghosts and nightmares, but how can you sort … Continue reading

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Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, September 2, 2014

Back to work on a dark and damp day. This card is for the feelings we cannot deny. We are far from rational creatures. Our flesh and blood compel us to actions that we struggle to make rational. By nature, … Continue reading

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Angel Taveras Stood for Children

Last night at the Ebenezer Baptist Church 6 candidates for governor spoke at a forum hosted by the Rhode Island Black Business Association. I walked in undecided, but with one brave and direct statement Mayor Angel Taveras won my vote. … Continue reading

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The Hell With Hobby Lobby- We a Need Public Option Now!

July 4th is the right time for a Declaration of Independence from the employee benefits shackle. The fact that most Americans have had to look to employers for access to insurance is not a law of nature, it’s an accident … Continue reading

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Non-random Violence Under the Gadsden Flag

“They served well,” I said to my friend, and she teared up. It was 1995, I was quoting President Clinton’s words about the Federal workers who, with the citizens they served, were annihilated in the Oklahoma City bombing. My friend … Continue reading

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Escapee from Phelps Hate Cult Tells All

Proving the old saying that only the good die young, hate profiteer Fred Phelps has gone to Judgment. In the closed world of Westboro Baptist Church, the male leaders sort out who will inherit the pulpit. Phelps’ daughter Shirley, who … Continue reading

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