Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, March 25, 2015


For what promises to be a warmer day, with the fierce North wind retreating and the South wind moving in, a poem from Greenhaven.

Invocation to the Sun in Glory
by Elizabeth Barrette

Sun Prince come,
Lord of the Waxing Year,
God of the Golden Ray!

Now we lay the sacred feast,
Now we sing the hymns of old,
Now we dance the ancient ways.

Apollo, Tammuz, Belos, Lugh –
Turn Your fair face towards us
And crown us with flowers.
Strike the harp
And play a merry tune.
Shower Your blessings on field and flock

And on all Your followers here.

He is come!
Behold the Sun in Glory!

Brighter days come first, eventually warmth returns. It’s been a long Winter, welcome Spring.

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Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, March 19, 2015

vernal eqinox 15

The March equinox happens at the same moment across the world but is converted to local time. In 2015, it falls on March 20 at 6:45 P.M.

That’s from
The Old Farmer’s Almanac
which is predicting warmer and drier than usual for South of Boston. I so want to believe, but I’ve given up on March and most of April. It’s supposed to snow on the first day of Spring.

The Moon Said This ~ A Poem
March 5, 2015 by Jenya T. Beachy

The moon said this

When she called me out

Out to where she could see me with her one bright eye

When she called me out

For forgetting our date

For not bringing flowers

For not telling her how beautiful she is

When she called me out

For inattention to her trickling silver over the Earth, touching her sister with fingers of light

For ignorance of her fine chorus of crickets, making a song of longing for each other

For insensitivity to her awakening tiny heartbeats in the grass of the night

The moon said this

When She called me out:

I forgive you

She said:

I forgive you

Jenya can be found at the Urban Pagan Homestead, where all the city witches hang out.

Image of constellations comes from Bob Moler, astronomer extraordinaire.

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Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, March 12, 2015

hummingbird feeder

Last year this conceptual landscape sculpture got started a little late. I think the artist imagined that vines and flowers would surge over the white scaffold like a green wave, but it was just some plants.

Might happen this summer, though, the framework is still there under the snow. Tonight is going to be below freezing, but Spring is inevitable and unstoppable.

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Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, March 10, 2015

comix 4

Playing with my tablet last night and downloaded the Amazon app. I might delete it, it’s just a shopping catalog and what I have on my Kindle is better for shopping for books. I pulled up ‘daily deal books’ and that’s how I found the new genre, ‘billionaire romance’. Virgins and billionaires are giving vampires a run for their money, or blood or whatever. Easy to see why bloodsucking capitalists and vampires are so interchangeable. I’m kind of torn between recognizing the futility of arguing with fantasy- and who am I to presume? But junk culture contains many true reflections of who we are.

Is better junk, wilder dreams the answer?

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Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, February 28, 2015

2 of wands

Today is the last day of the snowiest February on record, on the cusp of March. The Siberian Express is still running, and you don’t have to be a meteorologist to predict a late, chilly Spring and a cool Summer. At least people who wilt in the heat will enjoy fresh breezes in July.

The II of Wands is a card of enterprise and confidence. From Sally Gearhart and Susan Rennie, ‘A Feminist Tarot’-

A privileged woman with the power that position and expertise bestow upon her. The cold patriarchal mountains are not far away but neither is the water of emotionality. Both roses of desire and lilies of pure thought are common decorations in her home. She has the courage and confidence which come from learning and achieved status.

Audre Lorde said, ‘The master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house.’ A wise warning to all of us who work within a tilted and flawed system. On the other hand, you must use the tools you have.

Mahaghosananda said, ‘step by step’.

As we prepare for tomorrow’s snowstorm it almost requires an act of faith to believe that we’ll soon be walking barefoot in the sun on the very same ground that today is buried under piles of frozen white. But that’s how Spring happens, advance and retreat, step by step.

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Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, February 26, 2015


Today is dedicated to the god Ganesh, Remover of Obstacles, because- hey, whatever works. The journalist and witch, Margot Adler, once said that the challenge of our time is to reconcile the mystical and the rational. It doesn’t come out even. It’s more like holding two different world views simultaneously. Kind of gives you vertigo, but life is so much richer seen this way than through the lens of strict materialism or fundamentalist religion. Here’s the musician, MC Yogi, I first heard in that store in Provincetown that had all the flaming murals on the front for years- kind of miss that.

All the snow in Siberia cannot prevent the inevitable Spring.

The original image of Ganesh is by Jennifer Mazzucco at Fine Art America

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Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, February 19, 2015

page of cups

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People of Religion Being Good Neighbors

When any fool with a can of spray paint can get famous overnight for vandalizing a place of worship it’s important to give at least some thought to the good people who teach and live peace. This story from 2010 during the floods that closed Rhode Island Mall and put much of Kent County underwater is worth remembering-

WEST WARWICK — By all accounts, Rose Achabi is a shy person.

But as she sat through Easter service at the Full Life Christian Fellowship Church, she could no longer hold her tongue.
At the Islamic School of Rhode Island at 840 Providence St., where she is a teacher’s assistant, floodwaters had risen more than four feet, seeping into the pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and first grade classrooms on the first floor, damaging students’ books, computers, desks, chairs and teachers’ lesson plans. Everything on that floor had to be thrown away.

When the service was over, she approached her pastor, Brian Regan, hesitating a little given it was Easter, but felt the church family she had known since she was a teenager would come through. She asked Regan if the Islamic School could use the church’s building, which had once served as a Catholic school that belonged to Our Lady of Good Counsel, for classes

“The pastor didn’t hesitate,” said Achabi, a Christian who is married to a Muslim and has three children attending the Islamic School. School members met with Regan Sunday night after he had Easter dinner. “I know they felt funny about meeting on Easter, but they were really worried about finding a place to have their school,” Regan said.

On Thursday, the Islamic School reopened at the Full Life Christian Fellowship Church not far down the road at 59 Pleasant St.

I got this story from SailanMuslim.com which for some reason is blocked on Facebook. The author is Tatiana Pina of the Providence Journal.

And just saying, Bishop Tobin had some kind words for the Islamic community in 2013. An attack on anyone’s place of worship is a threat to the freedom of all.

WRNI reports today that religious groups all over RI are coming out in support of the Islamic School and against hate.

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Mike Huckabee and Jim Bakker, Thick as Thieves

jim and tammy people

I wasn’t paying a whole lot of attention to Mike Huckabee, Republican hopeful for president, until I saw that he was a guest on the Jim Bakker Show.

As a Catholic girl who was dragged sideways through the Charismatics and then Assemblies of God (Hello, Apponaug!) I was fascinated by the 1980’s unfolding scandal that was Jim & Tammy Bakker. They broke into televangelism early, and found success in begging Social Security dollars from widows so that Tammy could binge-shop and indulge her pets with a luxury air-conditioned doghouse while Jim paid church secretary Jessica Hahn to stay quiet about her claim that he and another preacher, John Wesley Fletcher, drugged and raped her in 1980.

Whatever happened to Jessica, it was bad enough that Jim Bakker wanted to keep it quiet…

Hahn was paid the $10,000 in 1984, and later accepted $265,000 from the ministry in exchange for keeping quiet about her motel tryst with PTL founder Jim Bakker in 1980. Evangelist John Wesley Fletcher also was charged with perjury for his accounting under oath of how he introduced Bakker and Hahn.

Like most of you reading this, I would rather eat broken glass than beg strangers for money. But I’ve done it for a good cause. Have you pledged to WRNI lately? Just asking. Anyway, it’s not the money, it’s the ruthless disregard for the people they deceived.

The Bakkers had been selling lifetime memberships to the park. For $1,000 donation, you’d get a three-night stay in a luxury hotel at Heritage for the rest of your life. Tens of thousands of people bought in, but the Bakkers only started building one 500-room tower. And construction was slow.
Turns out, Jim Bakker was using some the money to pay off a church secretary who says he raped her. He also gave himself more than $3 million in bonuses. The Charlotte Observer exposed the Bakker’s conduct, and more media and legal scrutiny followed. Park attendance dropped, Bakker went to prison for fraud, and Heritage USA filed for bankruptcy.

I’m just imagining Harry and Louise sitting in the cramped living room of their trailer, counting what’s left of their Social Security check after they tithe. They’ve never had a vacation, but here’s their chance. Heritage USA! Good Christian people they can trust! Three nights in a queen-sized bed and days at the water park with real Americans! Louise is going to save the cute little soaps and shampoo bottles for souvenirs!

Jim Bakker got some of what was coming to him. His brother in the Lord, Jerry Falwell couldn’t wait to get his hands on the Bakkers’ PTL media empire and Heritage USA, which was a happening place, not the ghostly ruin it is today.

Jessica Hahn had a brief career posing for Playboy and being notorious, she got pecked at by Barbara Walters in a ‘where are they now?’ TV interview in 2011. Maybe she invested the hush money that Bakker paid her.

Jim’s wife, Tammy Faye, got busy with Jim’s friend, Roe Messner. Roe divorced his wife and Tammy ditched Jim and married Roe while Jim was in prison. Roe later did some time himself for fraud. Tammy liked the bad boys.

tammy faye at the mall

Tammy really should have gone to prison too. There’s no way she didn’t know that they were living large off poor people’s money. But she was the better performer of the two, and that is how she’s remembered. She was a female drag queen, troweling on the makeup and vamping in reality shows. Sadly, she got cancer and died. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

Their daughter,Tammy Sue, appeared on Jim Bakker’s new show, their son, Jay Bakker, went into the family business and started a church. I guess it’s what they know, but I’d like them better if any of them got a real job.

Jim Bakker still chases money and power, and Mike Huckabee is his kind of politician.

Journalist Charles Shepard wrote a book about Jim and Tammy, file it next to Bonny and Clyde. There’s still some references to be found on the net-

The trial and conviction of Jim Bakker

A common criminal, said the prosecutor

First felon among TV evangelists

Even some evangelicals were embarrassed

‘People Magazine’ cover from Mental Floss

‘Tammy Faye at the Mall’ T-shirt from Etsy.com

JewEatYet? is worth visiting for Danny Miller’s hilarious review of The PTL Club, The Bakkers’ daytime extravaganza. High camp to some, but they talked the money out of the pockets of countless lonely widows and trusting souls. If there is a God they will spend eternity somewhere warmer than Tammy’s doghouse.

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Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, January 28, 2015

snow on window

Sun is shining and the deep cold has come to stay, maybe for a week, maybe longer. Although it’s commonly said that the Winter Solstice is the point where the days start to get longer, it’s really at the start of February that we start to see the return of the light.

From Pagan Poet-

Imbolc is a pagan holiday and a festival of light. It was a common pagan harvest tradition to light up the lamps of the house for several minutes during Imbolc, as Imbolc rituals usually include light in one form or another whether that be lamps or candles. Neopagans today also use this day to reflect and respect the coming of longer, brighter days and the hope of a healthy, hearty spring.

It’s around this time that we get up to 10 hours of daylight and the weeks of going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark are past. It’s also around this time that the return of the light speeds up as we move toward the next point on the Wheel of the Year, the Vernal Equinox.

Here in New England there’s no point in asking the groundhog- we’ll be lucky if we get only six more weeks of winter, more likely we’ll be freezing our garbanzos for twelve weeks.

But the sunlight brings cheer, Happy Imbolc, February 2nd, this Monday.

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