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Crazy for the Gun

Although I am not a psych nurse, being more comfortable with diabetes than delusions, all nurses see mental illness up close and personal. Mental illness is neither uncommon nor separate from physical illness. People with conditions like schizophrenia are not … Continue reading

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Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, September 6, 2014

Today’s Tarot is inspired by a post on Daily Kos byHammerOfDog, whose roomate shared a video of a Black man exhorting Black people to just get over racism. I kind of wish we all could, but as long as white … Continue reading

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Race Realism in a Dirty Book

A Facebook connection led me to author, Taleeb Starkes, whose Amazon page praises as being a ‘race realist’. Remember that scene in Star Wars where Han Solo says, “I have a bad feeling about this?” right before the trash compactor … Continue reading

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Milo Stranger Part 11- Rock of Ages

Back then there weren’t so many places to go, not so many places that felt right. The earth was shifting under us, vibrations working their way to the surface. Boys were graduating high school, could be in Pawtucket today and … Continue reading

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When the Smothers Brothers Got Censored

Once upon a time it was a Duck Dynasty world, where men were men and there was nothing to watch but cowboy shows like Bonanza, or for the ladies, Petticoat Junction. The decade had begun with massive Civil Rights demonstrations. … Continue reading

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Soul Food Junkies Could Rehab Paula Deen

Byron Hurt is a film maker who blends family and social history in his documentary, Soul Food Junkies. Human nature has not changed in 30 years, but obesity has become the health crisis of our time. We all know what … Continue reading

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The X-Rated Limbaugh

Is this a tactic to improve his ratings or a paraphilia he indulges by means of radio? Rush Limbaugh doubles down on offensive racial insults– Speaking on his radio program, Limbaugh noted that a group of Democratic senators had written … Continue reading

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Mary Seacole Award

The annual British National Health Service Mary Seacole Leadership and Development Awards will be presented to nurses who have made outstanding contributions to minority health. A contemporary of Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole was a biracial woman whose mother served her … Continue reading

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