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A Curse for Chrissie Hynde

Hi Chrissie, You don’t know me, but your voice gave me power and comfort in hard times. ‘Mystery Achievement’ was the theme of every escape plan from a sh-t job I made through a succession of terrible, low-paid purgatories I … Continue reading

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Summer Solstice 2014

One of the appealing aspects of Paganism is the connection to astronomy. Unlike astrology, no faith is required here. The earth will reach its maximum tilt toward the sun and the longest day will happen whether we believe it or … Continue reading

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Witnessing to the Jehovahs on Holy Saturday

I’m walking through Pawtucket to the Farmer’s Market and up ahead on the sidewalk are men on a mission from God–two young white guys in dark suits. One has a Bible in his hand, marking a place with his finger, … Continue reading

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